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       My name is Molly Williams and I have always been a victim to marketing tactics, looking for those eye-catching signs and displays because they truly do make a difference in customer perception and aide in the overall success of a business.  In my life I have seen how marketing can save a business, taking small ideas and growing them into huge successes.  I also have had the privilege to work at the Disneyland Resort as an Attractions Cast Member, working at Indiana Jones, Big Thunder Mountain, the World Famous Jungle Cruise, and a trainer for Guest Show Operations (fireworks and parades).  These experiences have shaped me into becoming a person that appreciates art as well as someone who understands how a little bit of magic and a lot of care can build something great.     In 2013, I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cal Poly Pomona with a major in Food Marketing and Management and went on to work for two graphic design companies in order to further my skills.